SimSoup: News

SimSoup 0.5 Beta Released

November 2011

SimSoup 0.5 Beta was released on 13 November. This is the first release version of SimSoup to include molecular structure and the splitting and joining of Molecule Types, although snapshots of development code have been available on Google Code since April 2009 (see code revision 97).

This Beta version incorporates the additional bond perturbation functionality that was developed for the paper "Non-Template Molecules Designed For Open-Ended Evolution" that was published in the proceedings of ECAL 2011 (Eleventh European Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems).

A few usability issues remain; a couple of the displays are not complete (eg with values shown as 'Unknown'), and there is no user manual yet. Hence the beta status.

SimSoup Usability Improvements

September - November 2011

Between September and November 2011, a number of improvements to SimSoup have been made.

The main improvement has been to ensure that the user interface remains active while the simulation is running. Without this, it is not possible to interrupt the simulation to enable the status to be investigated. Various solutions had been tried previously, but none had been ideal. A robust solution based on multi-threading is now in place. The user interface runs as one thread, and the simulation runs as another. The user interface can respond to user input, even while the simulation thread is performing the intensive processing that is required when a new Molecule Type appears to determine how it can interact with existing Molecule Types.

SimSoup Represented at ECAL 2011

August 2011

Chris Gordon-Smith attended ECAL 2011 (Eleventh European Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems). There was a poster session including the paper "Non-Template Molecules Designed For Open-Ended Evolution", which was included in the proceedings.